Hi, I’m Dan.

I work in IT and I’m currently a Solutions Engineer for 1E, a major player in an emerging technology space - Realtime Endpoint Management. I’ve been involved with Endpoint Management for over 20 years, with a large focus on OS and Application Deployment, Endpoint Security, Automation and and Privileged Access Management.

My background is system administration for a global financial services company in Dublin, Ireland, where I worked for a large portion of my career. I got a lot of exposure to endpoint management (SCCM / MEMCM, OS and Application Deployment, the McAfee ePO Suite etcc), and used any opportunity I had to script and develop tools to automate things which would make my life easier. As well as the technical side of things, I got a lot of insight into being a customer - which has served me well when I got involved in the product sales cycle later on in my career. I also became intimately familiar with both the technical and the governance aspects of security.

A few years ago I decided to upend my life and move to Toronto, Canada, and in the process, my career has become far more varied and interesting. I’ve broadened my skills in security, co-founded a pretty damn cool open-source project that is in use on something ludicrous like 15 million endpoints (when we lost count, over 5 years ago!), learned a painful amount about cloud computing, DevOps and Infrastructure-as-Code, become a pretty decent presenter / public speaker, and was a Product Manager at a very reputable endpoint security software company.

Most recently though, I’ve come full circle though and moved back to my old stomping ground, Endpoint Management. It’s nice to be home and has an amazing community around it. And I’ll say this… Covid sure has made this a very interesting space to work!