11 February 2019

Site Migration to Ghost / Docker Swarm

I've spent a lot of time educating and reskilling myself in the area of DevOps (or ProdOps). I find practical projects are a great way to learn, so I set myself the task of retooling my home lab to accommodate both VMs in Windows (Hyper-V) and containers in Ubuntu Linux (Docker / Kubernetes).

27 March 2015

Deploying applications as a Standard User using SCCM & Defendpoint

Installing an application as System using SCCM can be tricky for Per User components - often requiring hacking of HKCU RunOnce regkeys. But installing as the user means you may not have permissions for a full install...

14 May 2014

PSAppDeployToolkit: Get the benefits without writing a single line of PowerShell

Edit: Hey! We just made this obsolete with v3.6.1 of the toolkit. It’s all in-built now! 🙂 One of the primary goals of

22 April 2014

Enabling Intel Virtualization Technology (VT) on Lenovo hardware using an SCCM Configuration Baseline

I’ve been meaning to start posting some tutorials for a while and I’ve finally gotten around to my first. So here goes… Intel

13 December 2013

Workstation Migration Assistant 1.10 released

So I won’t make any fanfare about this, I’ve made just a few small changes and fixes to WMA as I’ve neglected

07 August 2013

PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit

Myself and my good friend Sean Lillis have been working on a neat project for the last few months. Here’s a bit of the

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