Hi there.

I'm Dan. I work in IT. And I know some stuff about infrastructure development, scripting, deployment, management and security. I should do at least - I've been doing this for around 20 years.

My background is system administration for a global financial services company in Dublin, Ireland, where I worked for a large portion of my career. I got a lot of exposure to endpoint management, and used any opportunity I had to script and develop tools to automate things which would make my life easier. As well as the technical side of things, I got a lot of insight into being a customer - which has served me well when I got involved in the product sales cycle later on in my career.

A few years ago I decided to upend my life and move to Toronto, Canada, and in the process, my career has become far more varied and interesting. I've broadened my skills in security, co-founded a pretty damn cool open-source project, learned a painful amount about cloud computing and DevOps, become a pretty decent public speaker, been a product manager for a security software company, and finally built that ultra-nerdy 'home lab that runs on a Kubernetes cluster'. I know right?