Software Compliance Tool Released

It’s been a while since I’ve updated SCT, mainly because it does what it says on the tin so bloody well!

That being said, I recently ran into a few issues which strongly indicated to me that it should run in Report Mode by default. If you have it dropped locally onto your systems and use just for reporting, an inquisitive user could be in for a shock when they run this without the Report Only command-line parameter – so I discovered for myself 🙂

For that reason, I’ve implemented the following changes – along with some other minor changes:

  • CHANGE: Default to Report Only Mode (use /REMOVALMODE to actually remove unwanted apps)
  • CHANGE: Default to Silent Mode when in Report Only Mode (use /DEBUGMODE to show status in the UI when in default Report Only Mode)
  • CHANGE: Exclude matched apps containing Microsoft KB numbers, “Cumulative Update”, “Security Update” or “Hotfix” – we’ll never want these removed as we might compromise security and stability
  • CHANGE: Updated ReadMe file with new instructions, including how to deploy using Group Policy Preferences and use Scheduled Tasks

As always, the download is in the SCT section.

Cheers, Dan

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